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Feeling Stuck?... Tap Into EFT!

EFT Tapping From time to time, many of us find ourselves in this situation -- for the most part, our life is going well, except for one or two areas where we feel really stuck.

Maybe we're having weight loss challenges or not eating as healthfully as we'd like to. We might have some physical pain like headaches, muscle or back pain or digestive / GI (gastrointestinal) issues. Maybe we are dealing with depression, anxiety or are suffering from fatigue, insomnia or low energy. We might be worried, angry or sad about some current or past event, situation or relationship.

Or... maybe we're just not living the type of life that we want for ourselves. We haven't been able to reach our business, personal or relationship goals i.e. financial, career, life partner, family, friends, interests, recreation, health, happiness etc.

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"...maybe we're just not living the type of life that we want for ourselves."
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Overcoming the challenges we face, can take a lot of time and effort. Sometimes we just don't have the energy because of everything else that's going on in our life, so we avoid dealing with these problems. Some things seem to resolve themselves but others don't. Over time, some issues tend to get bigger, the pressure and overwhelm builds and we can end up feeling drained... and even defeated!

Then, one day, we reach a breaking point and say... "Enough is enough!" We don't want to be stuck anymore. We want the issue out of our life and feel compelled to do something about it. But, this is where many of us get stumped, because we don't know how to get ourselves unstuck!

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"Then, one day, we reach a breaking point and say... "Enough is enough!" We don't want to be stuck anymore."
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Most of us were not given the tools and we were not taught how to resolve our own problems. We lack the skills to effectively deal with life's challenges in a healthy, systematic way. We're handcuffed when it comes to coaching and guiding ourselves back into a healthier, happier and more balanced life!

We can reach for chocolate, alcohol, pills, a cigarette, potato chips, a soda or a BIG dish of ice cream. However, no matter how comforting and calming these things are in the short term, they have never helped anyone solve their problems.

We can turn on the T.V. or computer -- We can work more, spend money, gamble, shop, over exercise, eat a strict diet, clean or organize our house, join groups, get lost in books, form addictions, attempt to control or rescue others or obsess over something or someone to help distract us from our troubles... phew!!! BUT, still, our problems don't go! Or if they do go, they seem to pop up with a different face (I've been there myself! ;)

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EFT video below.
It can be a hard pill to swallow, but sooner or later we begin to realize, that using people, activities, food, 'stuff' or substances to avoid our problems, only leads to more problems, frustration, pain and sometimes even physical and emotional/mental illness! However, knowing this does nothing if we don't know how to break the pattern of going outside of ourselves instead of reaching inside to get the help, comfort and guidance we require as human beings.

Now... this is where a powerful self-help tool called EFT (also known as Meridian or Energy Tapping), can really help out! EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique offers an easy-to-learn, 'drug free' way to relieve and resolve physical and/or emotional pain and discomfort. Finally, an effective tool that isn't complicated or costly!

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"... an easy-to-learn, 'drug free' way to relieve physical and/or emotional pain and discomfort. Finally, an effective tool that isn't complicated or costly!"

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EFT Tapping is wonderful for helping with emotional issues, pain, weight loss and even chronic anxiety or depression! It helps shift or dissolve stressful emotions, negative patterns/habits and the limiting beliefs that hold us back in our personal life, career and relationships!

EFT is clinically proven to be effective and in many cases, it's much faster than conventional therapies. EFT can even help resolve a problem or issue so completely that it disappears from our life! Many people report having difficulty recalling the issue, after they've used the EFT techniques on their problem!

When Energy Tapping becomes a part of our life, whether it be the simplest forms like the EFT Basic Recipe ( EFT Short Cut), intermediate methods such as, EFT Movie Technique or more advanced, intuitive and artful approaches like EFT Matrix Reimprinting, we can tap our way to becoming a happier, healthier and more self-empowered person!

Tapping really does offer us an effective, 'drug-free' solution that's right at our own finger tips. Energy tapping can help us get 'unstuck'... so we can get back on track with our life!

Now, I'd venture to say that there are quite a few individuals and companies who are not very happy that EFT is on the scene and that it can NOT be patented and put in a bottle. What a total blessing that is! :)

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To your tapping success! Karen


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EFT Video Feature: BBC News Story - Ex-professional dancer used EFT Tapping (Emotional Freedom Techniques EFT) to overcome Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (ME)

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