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EFT Abundance Help Center
3 Steps to Abundance: And... Why It's Better to Do Them Backwards! WHAT?
If we want to become more abundant and prosperous, whether it be in our financial realm, eft abundance career, relationship or in any other part of our life, there are three main steps or areas we can focus on.

Once we know the best place to put our time and attention, we will be able to produce better and faster results when we combine EFT Abundance tapping with the Law of Attraction!

The 3 Areas or Steps Are;

1 - What we do (physical)

2 - How we think and feel (mental and emotional)

3 - Where we put our focus and attention (energetic)

When we want to become more abundant, it's natural for many of us to tackle the physical or 'doing' part first. We were brought up with a 'work harder' mentality - it's part of our subconscious programming. So, we work longer hours, surf more internet dating sites, read stacks of self help books etc., and most of the time, we still don't have what we want. What's up with that?

Carol Look, EFT Master and EFT Abundance Tapping expert says;

"We'd be better off going about it backwards! So, instead of putting time and energy into the 'doing', we can work smarter and get what we want faster, by focusing on the 'being' part of it first. The where we are putting our attention, how we are feeling and what we are thinking, part of it. This is where our true power is!"

Carol is saying, that we need to line up our energy (vibration) and pay more attention to where we are focusing before we take action. If we don't, we may be setting ourselves up for a lot of extra effort and wasted time.

When we're not aware of the importance our focus, we tend to pay more attention to our lack i.e. our debt load, overdue bills, a terrible or non-existent job or absence of a love partner. Putting our attention here, just triggers more negative thinking and stressful feelings.

This puts us into a struggle, resistance and 'push against' mode. The saying, "What we resist, persists." now comes into effect -- And according to the Law of Attraction, the more we tune into debt, bills, an unpleasant job or our solitary Saturday nights, the more of them we will get! Arrrgh... very frustrating indeed!

So What’s the Solution?

EFT Abundance tapping is the perfect thing to help us identify and improve how we think, feel and where we are focusing. So, instead of working overtime, joining another on-line dating service or ordering the latest 'get rich quick' ebook or audio download, why not do some EFT tapping instead?

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...we can literally tap our way into attracting what we want and deserve to have!
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By paying more attention to, and tapping on our counter productive thoughts and stressful emotions, or as Carol Look describes it... taking an energetic or vibrational approach to becoming more abundant, we can literally tap our way into attracting what we want and deserve to have!
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Being abundant and having a built-in ability to successfully attract what ever we desire into our life... is our birthright! Any thoughts, feelings or beliefs that are counter to this, are perfect targets for tapping! i.e. 'I'm not good enough.', 'I feel unworthy and don't deserve to be financially abundant.', 'It's not spiritual to make lots of money.', 'Money seems to slip through the fingers of anyone in my family!' etc.

I feel that this is a very interesting and important topic, especially in these challenging economic times! I plan to produce more on this subject in the near future. If you'd like to find out when brand new information appears on my web site, you can subscribe to the 'Free Email Alerts' (see below).

Do you know anyone who would benefit from learning more about abundance tapping and the Law of Attraction? If so, it's easy to share this page via; Twitter, Facebook, Email etc. Just click the 'Share This' link below.

Here's to an abundant you! Karen

P.S. Dr Carol Look, EFT Master has been a very positive influence on my own level of abundance! Check out Carol's site and learn about her effective and easy-to-learn approach for becoming more abundant. She has 75+ free audios and a free newsletter archive with lots of tapping scripts! Carol's site: Carol Look Attracting Abundance


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