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Boost Financial Abundance: 7 Pre-Sleep EFT Gratitude Tapping Tips!


QUESTION: I was reading your Top 10 EFT Mistakes on the web site and I have a question about doing pre-sleep tapping to improve finances and attract abundance. EFT Gratitude Tapping for Abundance Pic If I want to use EFT gratitude tapping before going to sleep, would I just state what I am grateful for, while, tapping the points?

ANSWER: Thank you for asking such a great question! This form of tapping is a great way to attract what we want and become more financially abundant! If we tap consistently it will really boost our ability to attract more prosperity into our life!

Want to know about an added bonus? I have a much sounder sleep when I nod off with the positive thoughts and feelings of being grateful. When I tap on appreciation at bedtime, I rest deeply and peacefully. I also feel more upbeat and energized when I wake up in the morning! A pretty cool sleeping pill... I'd say! :)

There are many different ways you can tap on a particular topic. That's what’s great about EFT, it is so flexible! Here are 7 different pre-sleep tapping approaches you can try;

1 - Full Tapping Rounds. Using the EFT short cut method, start by tapping on karate chop point and use a full set up statement. Feel free to come up with your own set up and sequence or body point phrases or affirmations.

KC - Even though I may forget to be grateful during the day…
I deeply and completely accept myself

KC - Even though there is so much abundance around me *and* many times I overlook it… I've decided to appreciate this now

KC - Even though I may take things for granted…
I want to express how grateful I *really* am right here, right now!

Use the same subject and statement for each body point or you can mix them up as is done below. Keep it simple if you are new to EFT.

TH - I am grateful for... (subject #1)
EB - Thank you for... (subject #2)
SE - I appreciate... (subject #3)
UE - I have gratitude for... (subject #4)
UN - I give thanks for... (subject #5)
CH - I have appreciation for... (subject #6)
CB - Thank you for... (subject #7)
UA - I am grateful for... (subject #8)

Put you hands down at your side and take a few slow deep breaths. Allow what you've just said and the feelings you've experienced to absorb and flow through your entire body.

You may change the rounds and repeat as you see fit. Focus on simplicity. When we complicate things, we over engage our thinking mind and this will take away from the process.

2 - Only The Sequence. Just tap on the eight body points and skip the set up or karate chop point.

3 - Imaginary or Mental Tapping. Just imagine tapping the points as you say the statements quietly to yourself. It's great when you are too tired to speak, lift your hand/arm or do not want to disturb others.

4 - Just One Point. Simply tap one point i.e. the collar bone point or the karate chop point while you say the affirmations.

5 - Tapping the Finger Tips. Lay on your back, rest both wrists on your stomach and place your hands in a loose prayer position. Use the tips of your right hand to lightly tap on the tips of your left hand. Did you know that the ends of the fingers have important energy meridian points?

6 - Single Hand or One Handed Tapping. Use the thumb of one hand to tap on or just press the points on each finger of that same hand. For the left hand the thumb would tap or press on the right side of each finger nail.

7 - Ten Finger Lap Press. As you lay on your back in your bed, gently rest your hands on your upper lap. Begin with the little finger on either hand, lightly press the finger tip down into your upper thigh and say a statement then proceed in sequence with all of your fingers on both hands.

EXAMPLE: little finger left hand: I am grateful I can easily pay my bills each month - ring finger left hand: thank you for the abundance I already have in my life - middle finger left hand: I appreciate learning new ways to be prosperous and financially abundant - pointer left hand: I am grateful that I can create and innovate each and every day etc. Continue with each finger in sequence all the way over to the little finger on the right hand. This would be 10 statements in all.

EFT Gratitude Tapping Does Not Have to Be Complicated!

Tapping on appreciation and thanks or using the tapping with any subject or issue, does not need to be complicated. Especially when you first start to learn the techniques. You can even pick just one topic or subject to be grateful for and repeat it for all of the points.

Remember to include statements for the non-physical as well as the physical -- Things such as creativity, curiosity, wonder, love, imagination, expression, wisdom, humor, ingenuity, freedom of choice etc.

It's important to connect to your body (specifically your heart) and breath slowly and fully when you do the tapping. This helps send the message to every cell in your body and beyond! :)

Lastly, keep a pen, notepad or your EFT journal beside the bed. While you are tapping on prosperity and abundance, notice any 'ya buts', 'tailenders' or stressful feelings and emotions in your body.

Write down any uncomfortable body sensations, stressful emotions or sabotaging self-talk. Pay attention for things like; Tension in your stomach. - Tightness in your throat. - Feelings of fear, dread or anxiety. - Internal comments like; "That will never happen because_____. My family are financial losers. - Rich people are greedy. or Being prosperous = hard work and no spare time!" etc.

Make note of whatever comes up for you. This is a great opportunity to gather some very important and revealing information. Then, at a later time, you can tap on your mental and emotional blocks to prosperity and really super charge your financial abundance!

Thank you for inspiring me to write this valuable piece on EFT gratitude tapping. I really appreciate it! tap, tap, tap :)

I hope this article was useful. Applying EFT to help us become more financially abundant is an interesting and important topic! I plan to produce more articles, audios and scripts on this subject in the near future. To find out when brand new information appears on my web site, you can subscribe to the 'Free Email Alerts' (see below).

Here's to a happy and abundant you! Karen


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