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Note: This EFT Tapping Affirmations list assumes that you know the basics of the Emotional Freedom Techniques. If you are new to EFT, please read this info. first: NEW TO EFT

EFT Affirmations

36 ‘Best Ever’ EFT Tapping Affirmations

EFT Affirmations - EFT Statements Over the years, I've collected a wide variety of interesting and highly effective EFT affirmations or tapping statements. Here, I list 36 of my all time favorites - My, 36 ‘Best Ever’ EFT Statements. I hope you benefit from reading this tapping affirmations list and will try some of these the next time tap!

The most frequent comment I hear from clients is; "I don't know what to say when I tap. I can't figure out what EFT tapping affirmations to use, or how and when to use them!"

My comment to this is; Once we go beyond the EFT Basic Recipe, there really is no set formula for what to say when we tap, because we all have our own issues and respond differently to different tapping approaches. However, there are some general ways to think about and apply certain groups of tapping statements.

In this article, I wanted to give you an idea of when and how to use these EFT phrases and I've grouped them into three distinct categories;

1) Self Acceptance

2) Turn Around and Allow

3) Choose, Decide and Step Forward

1) Self Acceptance - Accepting Ourselves and Where We Are Right Now

Psychological reversal or resistance occurs when part of us wants to change and another part (many times an unconscious part), does not want to change. Reversal is one of the biggest road blocks to attaining and maintaining long term success with the Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Not being able to truly accept our self despite our problem or issue, is a very common form of resistance or psychological reversal. The flip side to accepting or allowing, is disallowing and when we disallow or resist who we are and the situation we find ourselves in, change becomes very difficult!

Please remember, that accepting our self and where we are currently, does not mean, that because we accept, we are dooming our self to live with our problems permanently. This is a very common misconception and it can hold us back for weeks, months or even years - until we shift it, that is.

Try saying… “I am where I am and that’s okay.” Now say, “I am where I am and that’s okay… but it doesn’t mean that I have to stay here.” Can you feel the vibrational difference between these two statements? Even a slight shift in perception can begin to get the energy moving and help us to move forward.

The EFT setup statement, “Even though, I have this _________, I deeply and completely accept myself”, is specifically designed to handle psychological reversal. However, sometimes this basic setup statement does not work or the shift is temporary and the problem keeps coming back.

When the basic setup doesn’t seem to be working, this is when modified or enhanced setup statements can really help to improve our tapping results. Give some of these a try;

12 Self Acceptance EFT Affirmations

  1. I accept who I am and how I feel
  2. I acknowledge and accept... all of my feelings
  3. I am still a good person (kid, guy)
  4. I honour myself for how challenging this is (has been)
  5. I deeply and completely accept that I’m doing the best I can
  6. I am learning to love, accept and appreciate *all* parts of me
  7. I am learning to be okay with myself… just as I am
  8. I honour and appreciate myself for how difficult this has been
  9. I am willing to love and accept myself anyway
  10. I thank, love and respect myself
  11. I am open to the idea of accepting myself just the way I am
  12. I accept all of me now, including the feelings I have

2) Turn Around and Allow - Opening Up

When the energy and emotions have started to shift and we’re feeling more accepting, we can begin to add in, ‘Turn Around’ and Allowing statements. These phrases are great to use when it is still too early in the tapping process for strong positive affirmations.

If we do come on too strong or try to move too quickly, the subconscious may lock up. Posing questions and possibility statements is a wonderful way to help transform the negative energy and avoid getting stopped.

When Turn Around and Allowing Statements ‘land’ i.e. they are accepted by the subconscious mind, it feels like we’ve just stopped paddling up stream. We are beginning to relax and go with the flow! As I’ve already mentioned, when we are resisting, change does not happen easily.

As you read through the following list, take a moment to notice what happens in your body after each statement. Maybe tap the karate chop point and say the phrases with a current issue you have. See if you can feel some relief. Here are a few examples;

Even though I have this annoying sister (brother, mother, son, manager, co-worker, friend etc.) problem... or Even though I have financial worries right now... or Even though these health issues are holding me back...

12 Turn Around and Allowing EFT Statements

  1. Some how I’ll find a way
  2. I’m open to finding a different way to look at this
  3. Maybe there is another way?
  4. It’s feeling more possible that I can begin to put this issue behind me
  5. I allow my mind and body to help me work this out
  6. I am beginning to feel that I can let this go
  7. I’ve decided to allow these changes to happen naturally
  8. I am starting to realize that I don’t have to solve it all right now
  9. Is it possible that I can begin to look at this differently?
  10. Maybe I can find peace with this new situation?
  11. I allow myself to move through this at the perfect pace for me
  12. I’m open to more resourceful ways of looking at this

3) Choose, Decide and Step Forward

EFT expert, Dr Pat Carrington developed a very powerful EFT approach called the EFT Choices Method. Adding choice or decision statements can really help us focus on our intention/goals and improve our tapping results!

To make these phrases as effective as possible, it’s important to choose ones that fly under the “Oh no, we're moving to fast.” or, the “Nope, I’m not going there right now” radar of the subconscious mind. If a tailender or a ‘ya-but’ suddenly pops up after tapping on a choices statement, then we probably need to back off and take a different approach.

However, tailenders can be very valuable! Many times they reveal clues about why we are stuck and blocked from reaching our goal. When this information surfaces, we can tap on it i.e. the newly discovered beliefs, unprocessed emotions, core issues etc.

If discovering tailenders isn’t our goal, then before using a strong positive EFT affirmation, it’s important to know that we have shifted the negative energies sufficiently. If we're making assumptions and have neglected to test our EFT work, there’s a good possibility that we'll end up wasting our time and effort.

The EFT Temporal Tap is one approach that falls into this... ‘it’s better to know first’ category. I’ve known quite a few folks with some awfully sore temples and with absolutely no relief or positive change in sight!

Note: If we feel resistance when we’re tapping on strong positive affirmations, it’s okay to change the words i.e. change "I’ve decided to" or "I choose to", to; “I am open to the possibility of” or “I’m considering”.

12 Choices EFT Tapping Affirmations

  1. I choose to feel calm and confident (relaxed, peaceful, curious)
  2. I’ve decided to begin to let this go
  3. I choose to be at peace with this in a way that works for me
  4. I’ve decided to take it one day at a time
  5. I choose to allow myself to heal in a way that works for me
  6. I’ve decided to reclaim my personal power
  7. I’ve decided to relax and feel at peace, right here right now
  8. I’ve decided to be more open and accepting when is comes to this issue
  9. I choose to be okay with this, in a way that works for me
  10. I reclaim my sense of personal safety right here, right now
  11. I choose to find new ways to work this out
  12. I’ve decided to re-write this family rule… because it no longer works for me
I hope you’ve found benefit in this article and list of 36 EFT statements. Do you have any interesting EFT affirmations or have an affirmation list that you’d like to share with me? I’d love to hear from you!

Quick Review of the Three Categories

1) Self Acceptance

2) Turn Around and Allow

3) Choose, Decide and Step Forward

More To Come...

By the way, this is a 'Best Ever' list and I'll be updating the web page as I come across new/better EFT statements. So, you may want to re-visit this page from time to time or subscribe to the 'email alerts' below.

If you know anyone who might benefit from this list, it's easy to share via; Twitter, Facebook, Email etc. Just click the 'Share This' link below.

To your tapping success! Karen


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