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Note: This '10 Biggest EFT Mistakes' article assumes you know EFT Tapping. If you are an Emotional Freedom Technique EFT 'newbie', please read: NEW TO EFT

EFT Not Working? Here are the Top 10 EFT Tapping Mistakes... and How To Avoid Them!

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EFT Tapping Mistakes 1 - Having a need to do the EFT tapping perfectly right away and only trying the tapping a few times, or NOT starting to tap at all! They say that perfectionism is really procrastination in disguise. Hey, now that’s a GREAT topic to tap on! :)

2 - Not doing ‘maintenance’ tapping on a daily basis. Take 3 or more opportunities each day to do at least 5 minutes of tapping i.e. before getting out of bed, at lunch time or during washroom breaks.

At a minimum, do some morning tapping focused on your best intention for the day or do 'EFT Gratitude Tapping' before falling asleep. It’s like doing mini ‘thank you’ prayers with EFT!

Important Note: Avoid doing proxy or surrogate tapping at bed time (or any time), until you are more familiar with some approaches for using EFT to help others who can’t or are not willing to tap. It is fine though, to tap with a blessing or gratitude for others in your life, or for those who have passed on. If you want to feel the ‘warm fuzzies’ before going to sleep, then this is a great habit to get into!

3 - Not practicing ‘Emergency EFT’ i.e. not tapping during or immediately after an emotional upset or a downward mood swing.

Tapping right in the moment helps us shift out of a built-in, primitive stress response (fight, flight or freeze) and back into an all-is-well mode. Doing this will also help us avoid a flood of stress chemicals (adrenaline and cortisol) and the associated negative effects.

When we do not tap at emotionally charged times, it tells our body and mind that its okay to suffer -- and that we are powerless over our own thoughts, feelings and emotions. This is an unhealthy message to reinforce because, the truth is, we are NOT meant to suffer and be stuck in negative or bad feeling emotions. All of us have a built-in ability to soothe ourselves so we can feel better!

Sometimes we can get so stressed or overwhelmed that we can't even manage to do the shortcut form of EFT tapping. To help soothe and calm our self during these times, try one of these easy to learn and do simple methods;

4 Simple EFT Techniques

EFT Tap and Breathe

Audio: 9 Simple EFT Tapping Techniques

4 - Over complicating the EFT procedure. This is similar to # 1. It’s important just to get started with the tapping - Even if you think you may not be doing it correctly. It takes time to develop any skill and EFT is no different. It is very possible to get good results by simply working with the basic EFT tapping points right from the start, however just wait and see what miracles happen when you’ve got a little tapping mileage under your belt!

5 - Being too ‘global’ or general about what you are tapping on i.e. not being specific enough. You won’t get very far with weight loss, reducing stress or relieving anxiety if you do not identify and tap on the contributing factors - the individual aspects and emotional drivers connected to the issue. Examples would be; related emotions, physical sensations, internal conflicts, limiting beliefs, family rules, specific events, sensory inputs i.e. visuals, sounds, smells etc.

6 - Switching direction in the middle of a tapping round and not remembering to check back. It’s very common for a new aspect, ‘presenting’ emotion, physical sensation or thought to come up in the middle of tapping on something.

Sometimes you will be able to make a mental note of this new awareness or insight and tap on it later however, sometimes you’ll find it hard to resist *not* going with that new emotion, thought or pain. Its okay to switch BUT, remember to come back and check on the first aspect again. Many times, the first issue will be diminished too but, if it’s still at an unacceptable intensity level, begin tapping on that once again.

7 - Giving up or getting frustrated when the intensity of an issue won’t go down to an acceptable level on the 0 to 10 scale. Here are some new ways to look at this situation:

1) You may need to take a break from tapping on that particular issue 2) There is a hidden aspect(s) or an underlying cause behind the main issue that needs to be dealt with first i.e. if you can't tap down pain, then there is likely an emotional driver behind it 3) Your subconscious mind feels it’s not emotionally safe for you to tap alone on that particular problem. If you sense that this is true, then revisit this subject/issue with an EFT tapping buddy or a qualified/trained EFT practitioner.

8 - Expecting ALL of the results from the EFT tapping to be permanent -- then, getting frustrated, discouraged or giving up on EFT when an issue or part of it comes back. Nothing works right off the bat, 100% of the time and this applies to EFT as well as any other self-help or professional healing method.

Here’s a good way to look at this type of personal wellness work. It’s like 5 steps forward… 2 steps back. It’s important to focus on the 3 steps forward! That’s 3 more steps than if nothing was attempted in the first place.

Also, when a problem won’t go away completely or it comes back, this usually indicates that other aspects, emotional drivers, core beliefs or a root causes need to be addressed first. To learn more about this very common mistake and how to avoid it, here's an interesting Q and A on the EFT Personal Peace Procedure.

9 - Learning the EFT basics only and not investing a little more time or effort into developing as a more skilful or intuitive tapper. As I mention in one of the articles on the web site (What is EFT?), there is a BIG difference between basic or mechanical EFT tapping and a more artful or intuitive form of EFT. When intuition gets involved in the tapping process, profound insight and transformation comes much more easily and quickly!

Now for #10 - Drum roll please!!!

The BIGGEST EFT mistake you can make is…
10 - NOT SHARING EFT with others!

Even if you are not qualified to do EFT Coaching or counseling, Gary Craig, EFT founder always encouraged us to do the EFT Basic Recipe with others. However, if you are not a properly trained EFT practitioner, let the person know this first.

Be sure that you are *very* familiar with the EFT Basic Formula or the EFT Shortcut Method which is the more commonly used form of EFT tapping, before you do any EFT with others -- The last thing you want to do is turn someone off of EFT and other Energy Tapping methods... for good!

Also, avoid doing the more complex forms of the EFT Techniques like the Movie Technique or EFT Matrix Reimprinting if you do not have the experience and knowledge to handle an abreaction (a strong emotional response). Actually, if you are skilled, abreactions rarely occur and if they do, they are usually mild.

Give the person a brief explanation about EFT and a handout of the EFT Tapping Points diagram and basic protocol or tapping sequence. After you tap together, refer them to this web site so they can read the articles and subscribe to the weekly EFT Tapping Tips.

When they are more familiar with the EFT techniques, you can do some EFT ‘Buddy’ tapping sessions together. This is a fun and rewarding way to spend quality time with family, friends and even co-workers.

Lastly, hearing the EFT tapping success stories of the people you’ve introduced EFT to, is one of the most gratifying and heart warming experiences you’ll have -- Take my word for this!

I hope this article on the Top 10 EFT mistakes will help you avoid some common problems and set backs. The most important thing to do when you get stuck is to keep tapping and know that you will soon be back on track!

Learning about how to get 'unstuck' when it comes to EFT Tapping an important topic, and I plan to produce more articles and audios on this subject in the near future. To find out when brand new information appears on my web site, you can subscribe to the 'Free Email Alerts' (see below).

If you know someone who might benefit from reading this article, I've made it easy for you to share it with them via; Twitter, Facebook, Email etc. Just click the 'Share This' link below. Thank you! :-)

Happy tapping! Karen


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