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Note: If you are new to EFT Tapping, please read first; 1) EFT- Get Unstuck 2) NEW TO EFT

How to Do EFT Tapping Learn EFT Shortcut Method in 5 Easy Steps...

NOTE: EFT Tapping points diagram... See Below
EFT Short Cut: EFT Tapping Diagram


Here's how to do EFT tapping with the EFT 'shortcut' method or technique. This tapping example uses the emotion of frustration. The short cut technique is a simple and fast way how to tap and it is the most widely used method. Just follow the 5 easy steps below.

IMPORTANT: This is only the 'bare bones' basics of EFT, using the shortcut tapping method. Please do not make a quick decision about the effectiveness of EFT based on this simple tutorial. It takes a bit of time, patience and practice to learn the many different uses and approaches of this powerful tool.

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STEP 1 - Get Connected!: Think about someone or something that really makes you feel frustrated i.e. your hectic schedule, your health, your weight, lack of success, money issues, your job... maybe a co-worker or a spouse, child or other family member. Pick something that has been on your mind a lot or upsetting you lately.

Focus on the frustration you have around this situation, event or person. Close your eyes and connect to or think about a related circumstance or event that will help you build the feelings. When you are fully connected or associated with it, locate any uncomfortable sensations or feelings in your body i.e. tightness in your stomach or chest, tense shoulders or neck, clenched jaw etc.

STEP 2 - Get the 'STARTING INTENSITY' (0 - 10 scale) Example: On a scale of 0 - 10, I feel a frustration level of 8. ('10' is feeling extremely frustrated and '0' no frustration at all) Check with your ‘gut feeling’ not what’s in your head. Make a guess if you are not sure, it will work just as well. Now you can begin the tapping round... continue to step 3.

STEP 3 - Say the ‘SET-UP’ statement (you'll learn it next) 3 times while you continually tap on the karate chop point KC (1). If you are right handed, use the tips of the pointer, middle and ringer fingers on your right hand and begin tapping lightly on the karate chop point KC (1) which is the soft fleshy part of your left hand - located between your wrist and pinky finger. At the same time as you tap on the KC (1) point with a constant beat (i.e. 1 tap/second or a bit faster)… say the following “set-up" statement 3 times.

Actually doing the 'SET-UP':
1 - (KC) (1) - “Even though I feel this frustration in my ______ (stomach, chest, shoulders, neck, jaw etc)… I deeply and completely accept myself.”
Tapping EFT Shortcut Diagram - Image 2 - (KC) (1) - “Even though I feel this frustration in my ______ … I deeply and...”
3 - (KC) (1) - “Even though I feel this frustration in my ______ … I deeply and... ”

Important Note: Really feel and mean it when you say you accept yourself for having these feelings.

STEP 4 - The ‘SEQUENCE’ During the Sequence (when we tap on the various body points), we use a 'reminder statement' that has only 2 of the words... "this frustration". Say this reminder statement ONCE as you gently and continuously tap with your finger tips on each of the body points (tap on points 2 to 9 in the diagram). You'll tap approximately five to seven times on each body point as you say "this frustration" one time at each body point location.

Note: Use the body points on the right side if you are right handed and the left side points if you are left handed. For the under arm spot, reach over to the other side of the body i.e. right handed people will reach across to the under arm spot on their left side.

Now... do the ‘SEQUENCE’ (see diagram for points): Top of head (TH) (2) "this frustration" - Eye Brow (EB) (3) "this frustration" - Side of Eye (SE) (4) "this frustration" - Under Eye (UE) (5) "this frustration" - Under Nose (UN) (6) "this frustration" - Chin (CH) (7) "this frustration" - Collar Bone (CB) (8) "this frustration" - Under Arm (UA) (9) "this frustration"

After you have finished the ‘SEQUENCE’ take a deep breath, gently stretch your neck and roll your shoulders. At this point many people yawn, a sigh or feel a 'shift'.

STEP 5 - Note of your 'ENDING INTENSITY' (0-10 scale)

To get the Ending Intensity of your first tapping round, focus back on the physical location where you felt the frustration i.e. in your stomach or neck and get the intensity of the feeling now (example: if it was an '8' it may be down to a '4' i.e. it's half as tense or tight as it was when you began tapping). Do not be concerned about being exact about coming up with a number... this is not important. Just go with your best guess or take the first answer that comes to you. You will get better at doing this, as your EFT skills develop over time.

IMPORTANT: If the ending intensity or level is above a ‘2’, repeat as follows: In Step 1 for the 'SET-UP' change the 'set-up statement' as follows: “Even though I still feel this frustration in my _______ , I deeply and completely accept myself.” AND for Step 3 the 'SEQUENCE' change the ‘reminder statement’ to: “This remaining frustration.”

Helpful Tips:

A) Could not connect to or locate a feeling in the body.

Some people are better at thinking and figuring things out in their heads then they are at getting in touch with the feelings or sensations in their body. If these people relax and go with the tapping process i.e. go through the motions -- In a short time, their mind body connection will kick in.

For many, its been a long time since they were in touch with this part of themselves. We all have this built-in, natural human ability but, sometimes we have unknowingly shut it down or are just out of practice using it! Especially if we have a career that requires a lot of mental processes.

B) A few other examples:

Even though… I feel this anxious knot in my stomach… I deeply and completely accept myself / … I feel angry because my friend ignored me… / … I feel mad at myself for making a mistake… / … I feel this sharp pain in my lower back… / … I feel jealous of my friend’s success… / ... I have this pounding headache...NOTE: State your physical, emotional or mental discomfort or pain as specifically as you can.

C) While you’re tapping on the body points make note of the following:

1) Energy shifts in your body i.e. What’s happening in your stomach, chest or throat? Is the energy shifting to another part of your body? Did a physical sensation change, increase, decrease or did a pain move somewhere else? Did you experience an energy rush, tingles, goose bumps, yawning or giggles?

2) Did any new emotions come up for you during the round of tapping? Note these emotions and tap on them later.

3) Did any thoughts, comments or ‘tail enders’ come up into your mind? If these thoughts are negative or counter productive i.e. "you do *not* accept yourself"... then, this great material to tap on in future sessions.

D) If you haven't seen it already, here's another diagram of the EFT points. Plus, interesting information about the energy meridians, specific emotions and organs that connect to each of the tapping points: EFT Tapping Points.

Learning EFT basics and a simple tapping sequence like this one is just a start, there is so much, much more to this powerful tool. If you'd like to read about a more advanced and extremly effective EFT Tapping Technique, check out this article: EFT Matrix Reimprinting .

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Happy tapping! Karen


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