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EFT Depression Help Center

EFT Depression Testimonials 1 - EFT for Depression Testimonials - An Emotional Freedom Tapping approach is safe, effective and all natural. Read what others say about using this technique for depression, anxiety and mood swings.

Tap and Breathe EFT Article Pic-sm 2 - Feeling Down or too Overwhelmed to Tap? - Here's an easy-to-learn EFT Breathing and Relaxation method. This technique actually increases the body's production of serotonin and endorphins!

EFT Love Script image small 3 - Self Love Script: Improve Self Love and Self Acceptance - Many times, a lack of self love is at the heart of depression. Not accepting ourselves is harmful to our body, mind and soul. Self love *can* be learned!

EFT Simple Tapping sm image 4 - Do You Ever Forget to Tap... Especially When You Need to the Most? - Here are some simple EFT techniques that are easy to remember and do... even under stress or overwhelm! EFT just got a lot easier!

Worry Stress EFT Article image small 5 - Stress, Worry and Anxiety - Worry, stress and anxiety generally play quite a big role in depression! All can be relieved with EFT. An effective EFT depression approach requires a focus on stress reduction!

Guilty Feelings Script image small 6 - EFT Guilt Script: Relieve Guilty Feelings - Unprocessed guilt feeds feelings of depression and anxiety. Even minor things from our past can cause energetic blocks and keep us from feeling our best!

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