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IMPORTANT: This Emotional Freedom Techniques article assumes that you know the basics of EFT -- If you do not, read this introduction first: NEW TO EFT

9 Ways Stress, Anxiety and Worry Can Affect Us... How EFT Can Help!

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Worry and stress are GREAT things to use EFT on! All of us could benefit from a couple of 'EFT Worry' tapping rounds when we find ourselves getting stressed out, anxious or worried about something. EFT Worry Stress Help

Effectively 'tapping down' the intensity of uncomfortable body sensations, pain or other physical symptoms related to stress and anxiety can be extremely beneficial.

Try EFT on things like; stomach anxiety, intestinal pain or cramping, acid stomach (gerd), candida symptoms, back pain, shallow breathing, chest, neck or shoulder tightness/tensing/pain, jaw clenching, teeth grinding, tension or migraine headaches etc.

Doing this type of tapping, can be likened to reprogramming our body's computer 'hard drive'. Its as though we are installing a new program or operating system. EFT tapping retrains our body's nervous or energy system with new ways of responding when we are experiencing worry or stress. When we do this, we are practicing the healing art of... self-soothing!

9 Things Our Body Does Automatically, When We're Stressed, Anxious or Worried!

We have built-in, primitive fight, flight or freeze stress responses for our protection and survival. However, worry related stress or emotional upset is not the sort of ‘groove' in our behavioral record that we want to stay in for very long. Ongoing stress caused by worry, fretting or anxious feelings, has many negative effects and can trigger things like;

1 - Cravings and binge eating -- especially for sugars, starches, grains and other carbs i.e. bread, soda, ice cream, cookies, chocolate, sweets, alcohol etc.

2 - A slowing of the metabolism and weight gain. More energy from the food we eat is automatically stored as fat to survive stressful or challenging times that may be ahead.

3 - Insomnia, loss of energy, mid-day fatigue, excessive napping and trouble falling asleep at a normal bedtime. When under attack, our primitive ancestors needed to be on 'night watch', so daytime catnaps were safer!

4 - Lack of focus, reduced mental abilities, memory problems and ‘brain fog'. Under stress, the primitive fight, flight or freeze part of our brain kicks in and the modern thinking brain takes a back seat.

5 - Increased blood sugar levels. Our blood glucose levels increase because we may need extra energy for a possible fight or flee situation. Chronic high glucose levels lead to insulin resistance and eventually type 2 diabetes.

6 - Mood swings, emotional upset, anxiety and depression. Under stress, our feel good hormones like endorphins, serotonin, dopamine etc. become impaired. It would not be good to be laying around feeling relaxed if a hungry tiger is in the area! Today, its not tigers we stress out about... its financial worries, gas prices, health issues, work, relationships, unprocessed negative emotions i.e. grief, resentment, blame, sadness etc.

7 - Increased levels of stress hormones i.e. cortisol and adrenalin. An over production of stress hormones can lead to low thyroid function, adrenal fatigue, immune and endocrine function burnout and many other imbalances.

8 - Neck and back pain. In fight, flight or freeze our muscles constrict causing tension, discomfort and pain due to pinched nerves. Sometimes permanent damage occurs leading to expensive chiropractor bills and even surgery!

9 - Increased risk of heart attacks and cardio vascular disease. Emotional upset, anxiety and stress has been linked directly to heart and circulatory problems. Under stress, the heart becomes overworked and veins and arteries are damaged due to continual expansion and contraction that occurs under stress. Financial, economic and personal security and safety worries are some of the biggest stressors that negatively impact cardio vascular health.

As you can see, there is a HUGE benefit to using EFT to improve our emotional state and reduce stress and anxiety. So next time, instead of getting angry, resentful or worried... try tapping instead! ;)

Continued on page 2: Use EFT to Avoid Problems Caused by Worry, Anxiety and Stress i.e. Digestion, Stomach and Bowel Issues (Candida Yeast, IBS, IBD, Colitis, Crohn's etc.)

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