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My 'Top 3' EFT Expert List
There are many EFT tapping practitioners around the globe, who I feel would qualify as an 'expert'. Of course, the #1 EFT Expert being, EFT founder, Gary Craig. Yeah... Gary!

Here I'd like to highlight 3 EFT Experts who've influenced me in very positive and profound ways. These are the individuals who've most helped me to improve my EFT tapping skills and my life! The great thing is, all of them actively train, teach and inspire. Drum roll please!

Dr Carol Look,
EFT Master*

I've Had Major Growth Because of Carol!

Carol is an important and highly respected leader in the EFT community. Her effective, yet easy-to-learn EFT approach, has been foundational for me! My EFT scripts are based on hers. Learning from Carol has greatly contributed to my business, financial and personal growth and success! (see resource list below)

Carol's web site features 75+ free EFT audios and a large newsletter archive with EFT info, tapping ideas and free EFT tapping scripts! She has a brand new Q & A page: 'Ask Carol' with free MP3 audio downloads. Since there's so much great EFT information on her site, you might want to consider subscribing to her newsletter... so you can visit often! :)

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Visit Carol's web site: Carol Look, EFT Master

Rick Wilkes,
EFT Expert

Rick Gives and Gives to Help Me Thrive Now!

I discovered Rick Wilkes and his 'Thriving Now' web site in Dec./06 after 'Googling' EFT and the Law of Attraction (LOA). I consider Rick to be an LOA and EFT Expert!

Recently, Rick added a childhood issues / trauma resource center, featuring a free MP3 audio interview with trauma expert, Dr Robert Scaer (interview).

As a long time Thriving Now team member I enjoy; 10 to 14 tap-a-long EFT telecalls/mo. with Rick or Cathy Vartuli (a highly skilled/intuitive EFT'er), a huge archive of EFT articles, EFT MP3 audios and a private members forum to chat. Check out Rick's site and learn more about his 'no obligation' 21 day free trial. Hope to see you there! :-)

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Visit Rick's web site: Rick Wilkes, EFT Expert

Karl Dawson,
EFT Master*

Learned Leading Edge Tapping From Karl!

Karl Dawson brilliantly combined leading edge areas of study, research and new science with EFT tapping and developed, Matrix Reimprinting. I use the Matrix Reimprinting approach to tapping often in my own EFT practice, because it is fast, effective and long lasting.

Here's a powerful quote from the forward of Karl Dawson and Sasha Allenby's wonderful new MR / EFT book (see resource list below for info. about the book and training course)

"EFT can remove the emotional charge from painful memories, yet it often leaves a void in its place. By contrast, Matrix Reimprinting heals and resolves the past memory" -- Gill Edwards

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Visit Karl's web site: Karl Dawson, EFT Master

*EFT Master: Carol Look and Karl Dawson are 2 of only 29 EFT Masters world wide. The Mastery program was discontinued by EFT founder, Gary Craig in 2007 - Although, I am sure if it were still actively running, Rick Wilkes would be right there with them!
'EFT Expert' Info I Have in My Library - Karen's 'Top Pick' EFT Books, Audio (MP3 download), CD, DVD's and Telecourses
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"I only endorse EFT and Meridian Tapping materials that I've used myself. In my opinion, the following offer exceptional value!" ~ Karen Nauman
$20 or Less
eft rick wilkes law of attraction EFT and Law of Attraction - EFT experts Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli are masters at combining the power of EFT tapping and the Law of Attraction. My personal and business life has benefited greatly from their wisdom, insight and valuable teachings. They've helped me draw into my life the people and resources I need to move ahead in all areas i.e. health, relationships and finances! EFT and Law of Attraction
eft matrix reimprinting book Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT Book -- NEW RELEASE!
by Karl Dawson, EFT Master and Sasha Allenby - In this groundbreaking book, you'll learn about the new, cutting-edge technique called, Matrix Reimprinting, that is taking the world of EFT by storm. Whether you are new to EFT tapping or an experienced practitioner, this book is sure to revolutionize your personal development and accelerate results with your clients. Learn more about the book.
$20 to $30
EFT MOVIE - The Tapping Solution DVD EFT MOVIE - The Tapping Solution DVD - An extremely well done and wonderfully moving documentary. EFT 'how-to' information and a great story line! Featuring top EFT Experts and self help leaders from around the globe! A viewer writes: "I thought the film was incredible, very powerful, and really moving" ~ David T - A great movie for passing on to others! The Tapping Solution DVD - EFT MOVIE
eft rick stress relief EFT for Stress Relief by EFT Experts Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli - Our bodies are equipped to deal with short term stress that we resolve. Today's world bombards us with never-ending negative messages and news. SO STRESSFUL! Rick and Cathy's teachings and tapping sequences for stress relief have really helped me improve my sense to balance and well-being. A fantastic program! EFT for Stress Relief
Carol Look Attracting Abundance with EFT Attracting Abundance with EFT (book or instant eBook download with MP3 audios) The second edition of Carol Look's best selling Attracting Abundance is now available! Discover and clear blocks keeping you from being abundant in any area of your life i.e. financial, health, career, relationships etc. Create an abundance of life, love and security for you and your family. Attracting Abundance with EFT
$30 to $40
eft rick wilkes self sabotage EFT for Self Sabotage and Procrastination - Is procrastination and self sabotage holding you back from getting what you want in life? EFT experts Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli present extremely helpful information plus EFT 'tap-a-longs' to help you get unstuck. These powerful tapping sequences are some one of my favorites. This program has really helped me move forward in my life! EFT for Self Sabotage
$40 to $50
sasha allenby matrix reimprinting courses webinar EFT Matrix Reimprinting Course - Live On-Line Webinar - I've taken these classes and the value is unbeatable -- Only $49 for 4 weeks of in-depth training! Now you can learn Matrix Reimprinting, anywhere in the world! Taught by: Sasha Allenby, Matrix Reimprinting Pioneer and co-author of the new Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT Book (Karl Dawson). Add this powerful EFT 'stand alone tapping therapy' to your EFT tool box today. Learn more: EFT Matrix Reimprinting Webinar
Carol Look Clutter Clearing Clearing Clutter with EFT (instant MP3 audio download and transcript) - Too much junk? Overwhelm and stress? Unhealthy relationships? Over weight? A crazy schedule? It's all clutter! Carol will help you get your space and life back! Here's an effective EFT Program by Dr Carol Look and Rick Wilkes to help you clear physical, mental and emotional clutter! Clearing Clutter with EFT
Public Speaking - image small Public Speaking Fear - Eliminating It with EFT (instant MP3 download audios and transcript) - Terrified of being asked a question in a group? Heart pounding, dizzy or disoriented when you were performing? Frozen or choked when itís your turn to deliver your lines? This is great EFT audio program by Carol Look: Eliminating Your Fear of Public Speaking: Finding Your Voice with EFT
$50 to $60
eft rick wilkes stuck When You're Really Stuck - EFT experts Rick Wilkes and Cathy Vartuli have discovered 3 critical areas to investigate and tap on to help us get unstuck and move ahead. If any one of these is not revealed and successfully shifted with tapping or a similar energy technique, we're likely to procrastinate, sabotage our efforts and remain where we are... stuck! This program was life changing for me! Help Me... I'm Stuck! :-)
eft attracting abundance with eft EFT Addiction Help - Healing the Cycle of Addiction by EFT Masters Dr Carol Look and David Rourke (CD Set) - This excellent program the important steps of using EFT for addictions. Carol and David have extensive training in addiction treatment and recovery. Their expertise makes this a very powerful EFT guide to successfully working with additions for both the lay person and the EFT practitioner. To review the CD content, click here: EFT for Addiction
$60 to $100
rick wilkes and carol look pain relief Pain Relief with EFT by Dr Carol Look and Rick Wilkes - In my opinion, this is one of the best EFT audio courses available for pain or serious illness/disease! Discover the limiting beliefs and emotions that lead to physical pain/illness. You'll learn how to resolve these issues with EFT tapping. 10 hrs of MP3 audio downloads plus, 244 pg PDF transcript. Start feeling better about yourself and better in your body today! Dr Carol Look Pain Relief
Carol Look Abundance CD The Vibration of Abundance (12 CD set) - Are you ready to break through the barriers that keep you from abundance and prosperity? If you have a lack of money, time, love or success, then this CD set by Dr Carol Look is for you! You can release blocks or limiting beliefs to receiving wealth and joy in your life by listening and tapping along. Click here to learn more: Carol Look Abundance CD Set
$100 and Over
Carol Look Business Abundance EFT Program #6) Business Abundance Now - by EFT Master, Carol Look (instant MP3 audio download and CDs) - Does your business need a boost? Here are 18 powerful audios that combine EFT with the Law of Attraction. Improve your bottom line right now. Are you an EFT practitioner, in the holistic health field or self employed and running your own business? Check this out! Business Abundance Now


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