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Note: To benefit most from these EFT Fibromyalgia testimonials or if you are new to EFT (the Emotional Freedom Technique), please read this info: 1) Intro: Why EFT? 2) About EFT 3) 10 Benefits of EFT

EFT Fibromyalgia Help: EFT Testimonials About Help For Fibromyalgia Using the Emotional Freedom Technique

Below are testimonials from individuals who benefited from EFT. Fibromyalgia is a mysterious condition with no single known cause. Read how this wonderful self help tool (EFT), can unlock our built-in, soothing and healing power to help diminish or even completely relieve fibromyalgia symptoms i.e. joint and muscle pain, fatigue, depression, weight gain, insomnia, headaches, dizziness etc.

EFT Fibromyalgia Tapping Technique Drastically Reduces Fatigue and Reduces Pain

"I have been PAIN-FREE without pain medications (NO KIDDING). My Fibromyalgia related fatigue has drastically been reduced. Other people have gotten relief from EFT too including my cynical teenage daughter. She couldn't believe it when it took away her lower back pain!" ~ Dee - Nashville, Tennessee

Help From EFT: Fibromyalgia Pain and Other Symptoms Were Relieved... Says Skeptical Tapper

"For years I have suffered from fibromyalgia-like pain, chronic sinusitis, panic attacks, bouts of depression, fatigue, dizziness, yo-yo dieting and continued weight gain. These health issues were affecting all aspects of my life. With much skepticism and was pleasantly surprised at how well EFT works for the stresses in my life. " ~ Gloria R. - Villa Park, Illinois

Emotional Intensity Reduced With EFT: Fibromyalgia More Manageable Because of EFT Tapping

"With fibromyalgia much energy is taken up coping with high intensity emotions of any type and EFT has found to be swift and effective in reducing emotional intensity, hence saving energy, and further benefit is experienced. " ~ Jacqui F. - South Molton, ME

Note: The great thing about EFT is that we can do it all by our self. However, to reach a goal faster or with more complex issues, working with a trained EFT professional is very helpful. To learn more about this, please click here: EFT Coaching.

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Karen Nauman is a Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Practitioner, Nlp Practitioner, a NGH Certified Hypnotherapist and a Reiki II Practitioner. For the last 20 years she has been a student of personal development, self help, energy therapy and natural healing remedies. Karen writes and speaks about alternative health topics and has a strong interest in emotional wellness. Karen spent several years specializing in hypnosis for weight loss, stress relief, anxiety and self motivation at a busy hypnotherapy clinic.

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