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EFT Procrastination and Self Sabotage Help

EFT procrastination

Top 3 Reasons We Hold Ourselves Back! Check Out this Helpful ‘A, B, C’ List...

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An EFT procrastination and/or self-sabotage tapping approach can be extremely effective however, it isn’t very effective to tap on these things directly. Doing this would be much too general or global and the results would be poor.

Things could even get worse, because trying to directly tap on these types of negative behaviours will usually backfire!

Results can be dramatically improved by doing a little detective work first - And, when we consider the behavior i.e. the procrastinating and/or self sabotage as a symptom or message, we can then discover and tap on the root cause or core issue that is driving the problem in the first place. This simple change in approach, will improve tapping results dramatically!

A, B, C: We Procrastinate and/or Self Sabotage When;

- We are missing something A) Absence

- We have mental, emotional or physical blocks or barriers B) Blocks

- We're disconnected from inner wisdom C) Clarity or Guidance

Absence - Lacking the Basics

We can get stuck by procrastinating or self sabotaging our selves because we lack training, skills, knowledge, experience, relationships etc. It may also be that our unique abilities and talents do not line up with our desires i.e. someone wants to be a professional singer but can’t carry a tune!

It is best to address ‘Absence’ after we have identified and shifted any blocks and have gained some clarity. Many folks get stuck and end up spinning their wheels in the preparation and learning stage, because they haven’t done their mental, emotional and energetic groundwork. The “I need to learn or prepare more” mindset can be an unconscious smoke screen to avoid moving forward.

An example would be a university student who enrolls for several extra years above and beyond what is necessary to get their degree, or someone who is a weight loss and diet food expert, but is overweight and can’t seem stick to a healthy eating plan for very long. These individuals likely have blocks and/or lack clarity.

Blocks - Mental, Emotional and Physical Barriers

Blocks can show up as limiting beliefs (“I am a failure and will never be good at anything.”), unprocessed negative emotions (fear, doubt, guilt, denial, resentment etc.), core issues (childhood trauma) or even as physical conditions and illness such as; depression, anxiety, headaches, pain, digestive problems, auto-immune disorders, serious diseases etc.

At the core or root of a block is usually an unconscious safety, acceptance, self-esteem or self love issue where a part of us does not feel ready, safe or able to move forward. Then we end up procrastinating or sabotaging ourselves as a protection or self preservation measure.

The idea that a part of us is trying to help us out by keeping us safe and therefore stuck, is not an easy one to grasp. When we do embrace this concept, change will begin to happen more quickly, because we are no longer fighting against our well meaning, although, not very helpful behavior.

It is important to realize, that this part of us may not be using the most up-to-date or resourceful methods to help us out. It's a bit like still running on Windows 98 - our operating system is outdated and we are in need of a software upgrade!

This is where EFT comes in handy because it can shift and transform counterproductive energies and behaviors. Tapping helps us transform our problems into possibilities!

Here are some examples of unconscious blocks;

- “I hate my dead end job, but if I become successful, I’ll have to work harder. Then, I’ll get stressed out and I might die of a heart like my father. So, it’s easier and safer for me to stay in this job.”

- “I am tired of being fat and unhealthy but, if I lose weight and reach my goal, my best friend will be jealous. Then she might reject me and I couldn’t live with that, so I’ll hang onto this weight instead!”

- “If I recover from my illness, I’ll need to take care of my disabled brother. That would be very taxing and unpleasant because he is so negative! So, it’s easier to stay ill, because I am not very good at saying ‘no’ to others!”

Most of the time, we are totally unaware of our blocks, especially those related to physical conditions and illness. EFT tapping is a wonderful tool for helping us identify and gently shift mental, emotional and physical barriers that keep us from reaching our dreams and goals!

Clarity - Clarity and Guidance

Gain Clarity by Understanding the 3 R’s (Ripe, Right and Resiliency)

1 - Ripe: Our desired situation or opportunity is not ready or ripe yet. It’s the right path for us, but it is not the best time to move forward. By taking a step, we could end up losing ground. This might be similar to the game Snakes (Shoots) and Ladders. Although not a rule in the game, sometimes we are better off passing on our turn or several turns and throwing the dice later on.

Think about craving a perfectly ripe banana and then eating a green one. The fruit is the right one for us, but right now its bitter and may upset our tummy. This is not the sweet, satisfying and nourishing experience we would have had, if we waited a few days for the banana to ripen.

This is like an energetic toll gate. We are going the right way but, at the moment, the gate is down. Our inner guidance is not giving us a green light and this may be showing up as an unwanted self defeating behavior or an uncomfortable feeling. If we wait until we have an internal ‘yes’ to move forward, then the light will turn to green, the gate arm will move up and all systems will be go!

The more we tap and clear our mental and emotional ‘static’ (limiting beliefs, unprocessed negative emotions and core issues), the better we will be able to connect to our guidance and inner wisdom.

2 - Right: The direction we are going in is simply not right for us. It does not align with the bigger intention or desire that we have put out. The clearer we become about what we want, and how we’d like to feel, the more we will get the ‘not right’ or ‘don’t go there’ messages from guidance. If we do not listen, our inner protector can resort to all sorts of creative ways in order to steer us away.

Example: We may have put out a desire, to only work at things we feel in total alignment with. If something financially lucrative comes along, but does not feel right, then we will probably get a ‘move away’ message.

If we ignore our intuition, the ‘no’ message will get louder and louder until we do listen. If we still ignore it, we’ll probably end up being high-jacked by negative behaviors. This is how we can miss an important appointment!

Here’s a phrase I like; “Velvet hammer, sledge hammer... Mack Truck.” I’ve decided to become more aware of the velvet hammer messages that my guidance sends me. Once in awhile though, I experience the sledge hammer and have thankfully not had any Mack Truck messages for a long, long time. Those ones can really hurt… ouch!

3 - Resiliency: We lack resiliency when our business, personal and/or spiritual foundation is not solid or structurally sound enough to add more on top of without becoming overwhelmed, fatigued and stressed out. We have not built up enough physical, mental, emotional and spiritual stamina or resiliency to handle more. Carol Look, EFT Master says our 'Energetic Savings Account' is over drawn!

It would be like trying to run a million dollar business with a $100,000 company! The foundation and structure is deficient and it would likely collapse and fail due to pressures, expectations and responsibilities.

When we are unaware of, or have not listened to messages from our guidance/inner wisdom i.e. “Maybe we need to slow down because we have too much on our plate” or "We need to build up more resources before moving ahead.", our ‘inner self’ can become very resourceful in order to prevent us from hitting the wall. This is when screw-ups, delays and setbacks happen

We are trying to make a quantum leap instead of taking the next logical baby step. The main job of our inner mind, is to preserve and protect us... so our subconscious can lock up (procrastinate) or strike back (sabotage) if we have bitten off more than we can chew, overcommitted ourselves or failed to set a strong personal boundary.

In Summary: 3 Reasons Why We Procrastinate or Sabotage

A) Absence - We lack the basics or ‘nuts-and-bolts’ elements needed to move forward i.e. training, education, support, resources etc. EFT can help us build confidence, increase abundance, make new connections and gain clarity so we can move forward with more ease.

B) Blocks - When we are mentally, emotionally or physically blocked by limiting beliefs and unprocessed negative emotions... it's like having our shoes nailed to the floor! EFT and especially advanced tapping methods like EFT Matrix Reimprinting can help us identify and transform these blocks so we can get unstuck and move forward!

C) Clarity (Ripe, Right, Resiliency) - With guidance we become clearer about the ‘ripeness’ and ‘rightness’ of something we are considering. EFT tapping helps us better connect to our guidance and intuition. It also helps us develop mental, emotional and physical resiliency i.e. build an Energetic Savings Account.

I hope you found this article to be helpful. Procrastination and self sabotage don’t have to be our enemies when we understand that a part of us is just trying to help us or keep us safe and we learn to work with it instead of against it.

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I wish you peace. Happy tapping! Karen


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