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FREE EFT Script Page: Free EFT Scripts and EFT Examples

EFT Change Help #109 - Do You Resist Changes in Your Life? - These days, change is happening at an accelerated rate. If we get stressed out when new or unexpected things happen, we are suffering needlessly. EFT can help! Find out more: EFT Change Help

EFT Postive Attitude Pic-sm #108 - Reduce Stress and Worry About the Future! - With all the negative news these days, it's important stay positive. Maintain a positive attitude with this EFT script. You can improve your outlook about the future! EFT Positive Attitude

EFT Gratitude Tapping Q & A Pic-sm #107 - Boost Financial Abundance: Gratitude Tapping - Having trouble attracting abundance? Increase financial success and prosperity with EFT Gratitude Tapping. See 7 easy pre-sleep tapping tips! EFT Abundance Gratitude Tapping

EFT Tap and Breathe Script Pic-sm #106 - Zap... a Negative Mood in 2 Minutes or Less! - Here's an easy to learn method called the EFT Tap and Breathe Technique. If you are short on time, stressed or overwhelmed... it will help you out!

Free EFT Scripts - Negative Thinking Pic-sm #105 - Be Positive! STOP Negative Thinking - Negative or doubtful thinking can kill an idea before it even gets off the ground. Want to reach your goals faster? One of the top EFT scripts on this site. Start thinking more positively... now!

Free EFT Scripts - Guilty Feelings Pic-sm #104 - EFT for Guilt - Relieve Guilty Feelings - Unprocessed guilt will hold us back... even minor things! Tap on just 3 guilty feeling memories you think about from time to time and reap the benefits.

EFT Love Script - small image #103 - EFT for Love - Improve Self Acceptance and Self Love - Getting the love we crave can be difficult when we don't love our selves. Even those who do pretty good in this department can benefit!

Free EFT Scripts - Cravings Script image small #102 - EFT Cravings Help: EFT Cravings Script - Do sugar, carb and other food cravings control you... instead of you controlling them? Here's an easy-to-follow EFT tapping guide for cravings.

Free EFT Scripts - Short Cut Script image small #101 - LEARN EFT - Shortcut Tapping Method - Learn EFT tapping in 10 minutes or less using the shortcut version. This powerful EFT example combines an emotion and a body sensation!


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