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IMPORTANT: This EFT tapping guide assumes that you know the basics of EFT -- If not, click here: LEARN EFT   Prior to using, please read: TERMS OF USE

Do You Ever Feel Resistance to Changes in Your Life? This EFT Change Script Will Help!

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When big or even little changes happen in your life... do you get out-of-whack or stressed out?

A WET BABY: Sample 'EFT Wisdom Tip' # 53 - This EFT Wisdom Tip felt like a good one to share as a sample tip, especially with all of the changes happening in the world these days.

The tip begins with an interesting and humorous quote by the well known educator, Roy Blitzer. It is followed by my EFT Tapping Tip and EFT Change 'tap-a-long' script to help you reduce the resistance to new things in your life.

Here's to going-with-the-flow, more often! Karen

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A WET BABY: 'EFT Wisdom Tip' # 53

"Two basic rules of life are these:

(1) change is inevitable and

(2) everybody resists change. The only person who likes change is a wet baby."

~ Roy Blitzer - Educator


Change is happening much faster these days; technology, the economy, employment, family structure and more. Even the seasons are changing faster with the affects of global warming!

Did you know that there is a built-in, survival part of us that actually resists change? For millennia, our ancestors thrived when things were stable and predictable -- Especially when it came to our environment, shelter, food, water, family and community.

This survival programming is still running in our primitive mind. This part of us knows that ancestors, as recent as a few hundred years ago, suffered hardships and maybe even died when changes happened. Our primitive mind or survival self, automatically links change with risk and even the possibility of death -- So, no wonder we avoid and resist change!

Our basic make-up has stayed the same, but now change is happening at a faster pace in today's world. As a result, our resistance levels have increased. For many, this added resistance is leading to confusion, overwhelm, stress and even physical illness!

Things seem to have taken a turn though. Now, by *not* embracing change we're suffering mental, emotional and physical hardships. Recent studies show that increased stress do to an inability to adjust to life changes has become one of the biggest contributing factors to cardiovascular disease and heart attacks!

The solution isn't to stop change, we can't do that! The solution is to learn how to soothe, calm and reassure this primitive part of us that reacts so negatively to change. To let this fight, flight and freeze reactionary self know that things are different today and that change is usually a good thing! And a fantastic tool for this, you guessed it, is EFT!

Here's an EFT 'tap-a-long' script that can really help calm our primitive mind when we are stressed, overwhelmed and feeling resistance to change.

Think about a change in your life that is triggering resistance and causing even a little bit of stress, then focus on it and tap using the following script!

EFT Change Help Script - You Can Reduce the Resistance to Change in Your Life!

IMPORTANT: This EFT tapping guide assumes that you know the basics of EFT -- If you do not, please click here: LEARN EFT   Prior to using this EFT script, please read: TERMS OF USE

NOTE: You can use this 'tap-a-long' script as written, or make up your own EFT 'truth', setup and sequence statements to better suit your own situation.

Truth Statement

Get a 0 - 10 'truth level' on this statement: "I am feeling a lot of resistance to this change." with '0' being not true (no resistance at all) and '10' being very true (lots and lots of resistance).

Round 1: The Problem

EFT Setup Statements

KC - Even though I am feeling resistant to this happening -- I deeply and completely accept myself

KC - Even though this is causing me stress and overwhelm -- I accept myself and the feelings I have

KC - Even though a big part of me is resisting right now -- somehow I'll find a way

EFT Sequence

TH - I am REALLY feeling a lot of resistance

EB - I am overwhelmed and stressed out

SE - This is *so*... upsetting to me!

UE - Change, you are *not* welcome in my life

UN - Go away! I don't want this!

CH - I am afraid that bad things will happen because of this

CB - My life will not be the same anymore

UA - I REALLY want things to stay the same

Take a deep breath... roll your shoulders, stretch, wiggle your toes. Check your 0 - 10 'truth' level on your statement, "I am feeling a lot of resistance to this change."

There is no right or wrong answer here. The level may have gone down, stayed the same or maybe it even went up. It is not unusual for the intensity or level of truth to go up at this point.

Make note of how true the statement *feels* to you after the first EFT tapping round. I emphasize the word 'feels' because the intensity level of the truth statement will be more accurate if we plug into how it feels in our body, instead of what we 'think' it is in our head. So, before checking the statement, ask yourself... "How True does this FEEL to me?"

Round 2: The Turn Around - Reframe

EFT Setup Statements

KC - Even though this situation weighs heavy on my mind -- I am open to looking at it in a different way

KC - Even though this means I'll be leaving my old ways behind -- I'd like to trust that my internal guidance will help me adjust

KC - Even though things won't be the same anymore -- I've decided to consider inviting these changes into my life

EFT Sequence

TH - Change can be scary... but for me, a lot of the time it's been a good thing, with a positive outcome

EB - I wonder why I am so resistant to change?

SE - Changes in the past haven't been so bad

UE - I know that things aren't meant to stay the same... but part of me wants them to right now.

UN - I wonder if I can learn to look at this in a new and different way?

CH - Maybe little by little by, I can begin to shift my feelings about this?

CB - I am feeling more open to new possibilities... and am beginning to get more curious about this

UA - Maybe there really is a new way to see and be... when I consider this change?

Take a deep breath, roll your shoulders, gently stretch your neck, wiggle your toes. Check your 0 - 10 'truth' statement level. "I am feeling a lot of resistance to this change."

Round 3: Affirm and Appreciate (no setup)

EFT Sequence

TH - I'd really like to be different about this change

EB - More calm, confident and self-assured

SE - I appreciate that I can learn to shift my feelings about a subject

UE - And am REALLY grateful that I can learn to tap into my own internal resources

UN - Maybe making this change will be surprisingly easy?

CH - Maybe this doesn't have to feel so overwhelming and stressful?

CB - I love knowing that I can look at this differently and feel better about it

UA - And I appreciate that I *can* change how I think and feel about change!

Take a deep breath... roll your shoulders, stretch, wiggle your toes.

Check your 0 -10 'truth' statement level; "I am feeling a lot of resistance to this change." How true does it feel now? (0 = not true at all and 10 = very true). Compare this to your initial level.

Once again, make sure you ask yourself what you 'feel' instead of 'think'. It's much harder to 'plug' into the issue when we are in our head. Feelings bring us into our body and connect us to our intuition.

Even if the level of your truth statement feels like it only went down a little -- shifts in the way you think, feel and act in regards to this change will begin to take place.

Find the 'Gold' in General or Global Tapping

IMPORTANT NOTE: This EFT script is very general or as Gary Craig says, 'Global', and it has been designed to offer *some* relief -- However, when dealing with ongoing or chronic issues, this is usually just a starting point!

If a condition does not clear up with basic or mechanical EFT tapping, it is usually necessary to discover and tap on the associated aspects i.e. specific events, limiting beliefs, unresolved emotions, trauma (even little 't' traumas), core issues etc., that may be supporting the problem.

You can however, take this general or global approach to a deeper level. Here's how. As you tap or immediately after, notice anything that comes up i.e. 'tail enders' or 'ya-buts'. Pay close attention to any memories, physical feelings (pain or tension), emotions, someone's voice from the past. Also, note any clarity or insights you get about the issue.

You can either be creative and change the EFT phrases and affirmations to begin tapping on what's coming up for you, or make note and tap on it later. Be especially aware of the feelings and physical reactions that happen in your body as things come up for you.

These 'tail enders', memories and sensations are the 'Golden Nuggets' that can be magically appear when taking a general or global approach to EFT tapping.

I hope this EFT Change help script has been helpful to you! If you know anyone who might benefit from this tapping guide, please pass it along to them.

I wish you peace. Happy tapping! Karen

P.S. EFT is a very powerful self-help tool, and we can do it all by our self -- However, to reach a goal faster, with more complex problems or with multiple issues, working with an experienced EFT tapping buddy or a trained EFT Practitioner can be very helpful. To learn more, click here: EFT Coaching.

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