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EFT Self Esteem Help Center
Do You Struggle with Low Self Esteem and Self Confidence? EFT Tapping Can Help...
Here at the EFT Self Esteem and Self Confidence Help Center, I begin with a quote from Gay Hendricks. Gay is a world renowned teacher, speaker and author. eft self esteem self image

His brilliant statement is the featured 'wise quote' for my EFT Wisdom Tip # 89. In this tip I outline an effective EFT tapping approach that will help to boost self worth and improve self image.

Quite a few Wisdom Tip recipients have written to me saying that this was a very valuable tip, so I thought I'd share it with you here!

Blessings, Karen

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Karen's EFT Wisdom Tip #89

“Definition of Self Esteem: The act of discovering who you really are, and expressing it to the world!”

~ Gay Hendricks - Author and Speaker


If, for whatever reason, one or both of our parents or our primary caretakers (older siblings, grandparents, babysitters etc.) did not consistently validate, appreciate and acknowledge us as a child, there is a good chance that we grew up to be someone who has low self confidence and a negative self image.

When we were not consistently appreciated and validated in our early years and especially below the age of 12, we likely grew up to be someone who looks for acceptance, acknowledgement and love from others e.g. bosses, teachers, piers, friends, family, spouses, partners, loved ones and even the general public.

We may also be ‘people pleasers’ and have difficulties saying 'no' to others because we lack healthy personal boundaries. This in turn, leads to feelings of resentment, guilt, blame, unexpressed anger and even depression or chronic anxiety. Ultimately, these negative feelings just end up adding to the other painful and stressful emotions caused by our low self worth!

Here’s an important statement from EFT founder, Gary Craig that supports this idea;

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“The cause of a poor self image is an accumulation of negative emotions about ones self.” ~ Gary Craig
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When we use EFT tapping in order to help us improve our self image and self worth, we can apply basic or mechanical EFT tapping i.e. the EFT Basic Recipe, Temporal Tapping (positive affirmations), Choices Method etc. However, since the low self confidence usually develops in childhood and early teen years, this issue tends to be more complicated and simple tapping methods such as these are usually not sufficient.

To improve our tapping results, it is best to go ‘beyond the basics’ and use EFT tapping methods like; the Movie Technique, Tell a Story Technique and the Personal Peace Procedure. As well as, advanced tapping methods such as EFT Matrix Reimprinting, a powerful tapping approach recently introduced to the EFT community by EFT Master, Karl Dawson.

In order to make significant improvements in our self esteem, it is important to identify and tap on the specific events, negative memories and core issues that have contributed to our feelings of low self worth. During an interview with Life Positive Magazine, Gary Craig said;

“It is your skill in breaking things down to manageable specific events and understanding the core issues that determine your effectiveness.” (with EFT tapping) ~ Gary Craig
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“It is your skill in breaking things down to manageable specific events and understanding the core issues that determine your effectiveness.” (with EFT tapping) ~ Gary Craig

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Tapping approaches such as the Tell a Story Technique, Movie Technique and enhanced methods of tapping like EFT Matrix Reimprinting or Inner Tapping can help us more effectively discover, tap on and shift the specific negative events/memories and the related root cause(s) that created the negative emotions in the first place. In turn, our self image and feelings of self worth will improve!

EFT tapping *is* therefore an excellent tool to help us boost our self esteem so we can discover who we really are. Then, as Gay Hendricks says, it will be much easier to express our true self to the world!

Learning how to use EFT tapping to improve our self esteem, is an important topic! I plan to produce more on this subject in the near future. If you'd like to find out when brand new information appears on my web site, you can subscribe to the 'Free Email Alerts' (see below).

Here's to a more self confident you! Karen

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