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IMPORTANT: This EFT Breathing tap-a-long guide assumes that you know the basics of EFT Tapping -- If not, click here: LEARN EFT   New to this site? Please read: TERMS OF USE

ZAP... a Negative Mood in 2 Minutes or Less!

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EFT Tap and Breathe Technique

When we're emotionally 'down', feeling anxious or stressed... we usually don’t have a lot of time or energy to do EFT tapping. This is when we need an 'easy-to-do' technique that does not take a lot of focus or effort!

Here's a simple EFT breathing method I developed. It can really help out when we're quite simply, tapped out! There are no EFT set up or tapping statements to figure out. The best part is, it's very easy to do... even when we're overwhelmed. I call it the Tap and Breathe Technique.

I use this method myself when I am short on time, short on patience and/or unable to focus on more complex forms of energy tapping / EFT. It really helps to calm, center and ground me. And as I said, it is very easy to remember and can be done quickly. :)

Give it a go in the washroom or a parked car and especially before entering a potentially stressful situation. Tap and breathe before making an uncomfortable phone call or presentation. Try a few rounds before falling asleep or the moment your feet touch the floor in the morning!

Tapping and breathing can also help create a calm, focus so we can do some regular EFT tapping. This is like a pre-tapping or an easy-to-do EFT warm-up!

Read through this method a few times first while you follow along. Then try it is a couple of more times without reading. Soon it will become automatic! It really is like having our very own drug-free, anti-anxiety, de-stressing solution right at our own finger tips!

This method of tapping won't dramatically shift any core issues, it won't cure any chronic illness’ or heal major childhood traumas, but it will calm a disrupted energy system and help us to retrain the 'fight, flight or freeze' part of our subconscious body-mind.

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“Did you know that tapping on energy meridians actually releases endorphins and raises serotonin levels in the body?"

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Did you know that tapping on energy meridians actually releases endorphins and raises serotonin levels in the body? So, using this method is like having a built-in, all natural anti-depressant. One that has only positive effects and is FREE. What an amazing deal! :)

Take a few moments now to learn how to do this simple tap and breathe technique. This is sure to soothe any down mood, shift you away from ‘fight, flight or freeze’ and move you towards a calmer, more peaceful... ‘all is well’ you!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks or any condition or chronic illness that may cause you to have negative affects from altering your breathing, breathe very slowly, gently and from the bottom part of your lungs i.e do not force or quicken your breathing in any way. If you are uncertain about the affects that this exercise may have on you, then, consult with your health care professional first.

Tap and Breathe Technique

IMPORTANT: This EFT script / tapping guide assumes that you know the basics of EFT -- If you do not, please read this info. first: New to EFT Please read: Terms of Use before using this tapping example.

STEP 1: Get a general sense of how anxious, overwhelmed, sad, angry or depressed etc. you feel - low, med or high. If you are up to it... add in some humor here i.e. baby bear, mama bear or papa bear size anxiety! :)

STEP 2: Locate where you feel this emotion in your body. Or identify any discomfort or tension associated with these feelings - such as an anxious stomach, tightness in the chest, a tense neck or constricted throat. Get a general read on this discomfort - low, med or high.

STEP 3: Tap as usual on the karate chop and body points. However, instead of saying EFT statements, just slowly and fully breathe in and out as indicated below. As are you are tapping, close your eyes and put your attention on your breathing and notice what’s happening in your body.

An interesting variation is to breathe in through your nose and at the same time, imagine you are breathing in through the bottom of your feet and then exhale from your lungs and out your mouth.

Please remember, do not force your breathing, just make it full, easy and slow, allowing your stomach to expand when you breath in and contract when you breath out. Also, if you can, take a moment to pay attention to the stillness at the top and bottom of each breath.

When you are learning this technique, keep your eyes open (obviously... so you can read :). However, when you have it memorized, do it with your eyes closed. This helps connect you to your body and your body’s subtle energy system.

ROUND 1: Set Up and Sequence

KC - slow, full breath in… slow, full breath out
KC - slow, full breath in… slow, full breath out
KC - slow, full breath in… slow, full breath out

TH - slow, full breath in
EB - slow, full breath out
SE - slow, full breath in
UE - slow, full breath out
UN - slow, full breath in
CH - slow, full breath out
CB - slow, full breath in
UA - slow, full breath out

Additional Note: As I mentioned, this technique is so easy because we're only focusing on tapping and breathing and not saying anything. However, sometimes I add short phrases such as, "Breathing in for me." on the in breath and "Breathing out for the Universe." on the out breath.

After completing a full round of tapping, put your hands down at our side or on your lap. Take one more breath in and out and make it a little fuller and a bit longer.

Now, continue breathing normally and roll your shoulders, gently stretch your neck (and maybe stretch your arms) and wiggle your toes. (I will generally yawn, sigh, feel tingles or get goose bumps, which means I have released some pent up or blocked energy! :) Now open your eyes.

During the tapping, it is not unusual to have something specific like an old memory pop up in your mind. You can tap on that after completing this exercise or enter it into your EFT journal and tap on it later using the EFT Movie Technique, Tell a Story Method or other suitable tapping approach.

During this simple form of tapping you may also get some clarity about something or receive an answer to a problem that you have been pondering for some time. Tuning into the body while tapping on the end points of the energy meridians is a powerful catalyst for growth and change!

STEP 4: Check in with where you initially felt the discomfort or tension in your body. Notice if the level has increased, stayed the same or decreased. If it hasn't decreased to a satisfactory level, repeat the tapping and breathing until you have found the desired relief.

STEP 5: When the sensation in your body has reached a more comfortable level, check the intensity of the emotion you had initially i.e. anxiety, worry, overwhelm etc. Chances are the intensity has gone down or it is no longer there.

Thank you for taking the time to read and learn. I hope you will receive benefit from using this tapping technique.... I know I do!

Learning to calm and soothe our self with simple techniques such as is, is extremely important. I plan to produce more articles, audios and tapping guides on this topic in the near future. To find out when brand new information appears on my web site, you can subscribe to the 'Free Email Alerts' (see below).

Here’s to a calmer, more peaceful you! Karen

P.S. Do you know anyone who would benefit from this tapping guide? It's easy to share...


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