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Effective EFT Weight Loss: How to Combine EFT Tapping with the Wisdom of Geneen Roth
3 Powerful Quotes from WFG... Plus My Comments on Using EFT Tapping

Do you struggle with weight, compulsive eating or would you like to have a healthier (and more sane) relationship with food; stop dieting, obsessing and controlling what you eat? women-food-and-god-audio-book Then, I highly recommend Geneen Roth's new book and in particular, the audio book, read by Geneen herself. You can hear her read a few experts from the book in the 5 minute video to the right.

The title is controversial; Women, Food and God. She is not using the term 'God' in a biblical sense, but in a much broader, more spiritual way. She is not talking about religion, but what she does teach so beautifully, is how we can use the doorway of our relationship with food to heal emotionally and lose weight (or maintain our natural weight) in a healthy and safe way -- without using willpower, control, self hatred or guilt. Geneen's weight loss approach is sane, manageable and... (drum roll please) it lasts permanently!

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“If I had to pick a single companion audio book to enhance/boost an EFT weight loss approach, this would be it!”
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If I had to pick a single companion audio book to enhance/boost an EFT weight loss approach, this would be it!

Below I have featured 3 very powerful quotes from Women, Food and God and along with Geneen's wise words, I have included some comments about EFT. From this, I hope you will get an idea about whether this audio book would make a good addition to an EFT weight loss and/or compulsive eating strategy.
Weight Loss Video Clip: Geneen Roth Book Reading

Women, Food and God: An Unexpected Path to Almost Everything...

Geneen Roth's masterwork, Women, Food and God explores the relationship between how we eat and how we see ourselves in the world. For listener reviews, click here and scroll down.

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This Audio Book by Geneen Roth Offers 'Real Wisdom'!

In my own library, I have 3 sections; Wisdom., Knowledge and Information.

I have Geneen's, Women, Food and God, 5.5 hour audio book in my Wisdom section! If you'd like to read what some listeners have to say about this book, then click here and scroll down.

If you resonate with the general message of my weekly EFT Wisdom Tips , then there is an excellent chance that you will really enjoy Geneen's book!

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3 Powerful Quotes from WFG... Plus My Comments on Using EFT Tapping

Powerful Quote #1: Frozen Places

eft-weight-loss-wfg-frozen-places Frozen Places: "I don't believe in inner children. I do believe that there are frozen places in ourselves -- undigested pockets of pain -- that need to be recognized and welcomed, so that we can contact that which has never been hurt or wounded or hungry." ~ Prologue: The World on Our Plates (pg. 7)

Karen's Comment: With dieting, we rely on willpower and self control -- and we tend to ignore the frozen inner places, our pockets of pain.

Did you know that the diet industry has 95% failure rate? I'd say that this resounding lack of success is mostly because the hurt, wounded and hungry for something other than food places or parts of ourselves fail to be discovered and transformed! These parts of us remain stuck and frozen in time, disrupting our energy system and manifesting in unhealthy habits and patterns, like eating when we're not hungry and not stopping when we are full.

EFT tapping is wonderful for working with and helping us to shift weight and compulsive or obsessive eating issues because it is an easy, effective and safe way to get in touch with and thaw out our frozen emotional places. With EFT, we can gently tap into and transform any undigested pockets of pain and hurt.

Even though the term inner children is sometimes used with enhanced or advanced versions of tapping such as Matrix Reimprinting Using EFT -- it is not the typical inner child work found in conventional therapies. This specialized type of EFT allows us to discover, tap on and transform our frozen (isolated) places or parts. This tapping method also helps us introduce these parts to our compassionate adult self, our higher wisdom or as Geneen says, 'that which has never been hurt or wounded or hungry'.

Powerful Quote #2: Scary Tigers

eft-weight-loss-wfg-scary-tigerScary Tigers: "Most of us are so enthralled with the scary tigers in our minds -- our stories of loneliness, rejection, grief -- that we don't realize that they are in the past. They can't hurt us anymore. When we realize the stories we are haunted by are simply that -- stories -- we can be with what we actually feel directly, now, in our bodies. Tingling, pulsing, pressure, weightlessness, heaviness, big black ball of concrete in the chest. And by being in immediate contact with what we feel, we see the link between feelings and what is beyond them." ~ Chapter 7: Tigers in the Mind (pg. 92)

Karen's Comment: With a powerful self help tool such as EFT, these scarey tigers don't seem so scarey anymore. With tapping, we have an easy and effective way to soothe and tame the tigers. In Women, Food and God Geneen uses a method called 'Inquiry' as a way of dealing with our frozen places (unprocessed emotions) or scary tigers. EFT is another form of Inquiry, but with the added bonus of energy tapping! As we inquire/tune into the feelings and tap on or stimulate the EFT points, our brain gets the signal that it is safe and that it's okay to let the negative emotions go.

Geneen's words in the 'Scary Tigers' quote are really perfect for crafting some EFT statements; "Even though I feel this tingling (pulsing, pressure, heaviness, big black ball of concrete) in my chest... I deeply and completely accept myself.", and so on as with the regular EFT shortcut tapping technique. Then, as she says, we are able to discover what these feelings are connected to (i.e. limiting beliefs, unprocessed negative emotions and unexperienced experiences) and then we can use EFT to tap on that too!

Powerful Quote #3: Welcome Feelings with Tenderness

eft-weight-loss-wfg-welcome-feelings Welcome Feelings with Tenderness: "When I am willing to question and therefore feel whatever is there -- terror, hatred, anger -- with curiosity, the feelings relax, because they are met with kindness and openness instead of resistance and rejection. To the degree that my feelings are familiar, that I've felt them before in similar situations -- feeling left out, rejected, abandoned -- the willingness to allow them offers a completely different scenario than the situations in which they first developed.

Recurrent negative feelings -- those that loop in the same cycles again and again without changing -- are unmet knots of our past that got frozen in time for the precise reason that they were not met with kindness or acceptance.

Can you imagine how your life would have been different if each time you were feeling sad or angry as a kid, an adult said to you, "Come here, sweetheart, tell me all about it"? If when you were overcome with grief at your best friend's rejection, someone said to you, "Oh, darling, tell me more. Tell me where you feel those feelings. Tell me how your belly feels, your chest. I want to know every little thing. I'm here to listen to you, hold you, be with you.

All any feeling wants is to be welcomed with tenderness. It wants room to unfold. It wants to relax and tell its story. It wants to dissolve like a thousand writhing snakes that with a flick of kindness become harmless strands of rope."
~ Chapter 7: Tigers in the Mind (pg. 100)

Karen's Comment: Recurrent negative feelings that we inquire into using Geneen's method or tap on with conventional EFT, that do not completely resolve or at least dramatically diminish over time, usually indicate that there is a major core issue or negative life theme at the root. In this case, doing some deeper inner-work using enhanced or advanced forms of tapping such as the EFT Movie Technique (Tell a Story Technique) or Matrix Reimprinting is extremely beneficial and will help to permanently shift/transform the issue.

Matrix Reimprinting is a paticularly effective for this deeper type of energy work, because it can effectively reach back in time to discover, tap on and positively transform any younger, 'frozen-in-time' parts of our self (child, teen or adult) that felt angry, rejected, abandoned etc. We can truly say to these parts... "I am here to listen to you. Tell me where you feel those feelings and we'll tap on them." With enhanced tapping methods such as Matrix Reimprinting , the possibilities for positive change are unlimited!

Do You Want More Information?

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Here's to a happier, healthier and more slender you!

I wish you peace. Karen

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