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3 Keys to Success: The EFT Weight Loss Technique Works!

by: Karen Nauman                         Weight Loss: HELP CENTER

Here's an EFT weight loss solution that really makes sense. Finally, a weight management method that works, long term! When using EFT, weight loss becomes a whole lot easier and best of all... it works better long term!

Most diets and fitness programs fail in the long run... and unfortunately, many of us know this already! EFT Weight Loss Help Studies show, that only 5% of the people who go on a diet or start an exercise program keep the weight off -- and most of the time, more weight is gained back afterwards i.e. lose 20 pounds and gain back 25 or even, 30! What's wrong with this picture?

The reason these approaches don't work well, is because diet and exercise are changes that happen on the outside. The answer to weight loss success is to change the inside first... motivation and belief before action! Changing our habits, reasons and underlying beliefs around diet and exercise is what drives change and results in permanent weight loss.

This is where EFT can help out BIG TIME -- the Emotional Freedom Technique EFT is a very powerful tool for making 'inner shifts'. It's really true, changing from with-in is the corner stone of long lasting results. This is how to make a change without using force or will power. What we think and feel does effect our outside reality, it's just that simple!

So... why support the multi-billion dollar diet and fitness industry any longer, when you can tap your way to successful, long lasting weight loss? You can empower yourself and become the slim and healthy person that you desire!

3 Keys For EFT Weight Loss Success:

1 - REDUCE CRAVINGS FOR CARBS: Studies now show that its carbohydrates (i.e. sugars and starches) not quality dietary fat that causes the fastest weight gain - especially in the belly area! The EFT tapping technique is a wonderful method for reducing cravings for snacks and sweets and can also handle/reduce binge, emotional and comfort eating issues.

2 - GETTING ENOUGH SLEEP: Lack of proper rest due to sleep loss (insomnia) is a big factor behind weight gain. Being fatigued increases sugar and carb cravings, slows down our metabolism and causes our body to go into fat storage mode -- a perfect formula for packing on the pounds!

EFT is a very effective, clinically proven sleep aid. Many times it helps improve sleep patterns in just a few applications. EFT is especially good to use if one wakes up in the middle of the night and has trouble getting back to sleep. The best thing is, Emotional Freedom tapping is safe, 'drug-free' and has only POSITIVE side effects... what an amazing deal that is!

3 - DE-STRESS: Stress, worry and emotionally related weight gain is common problem today. EFT tapping therapy is now considered the best self-help method for stress reduction and emotional help. In many cases, EFT works faster, better and more permanently than yoga, meditation and even conventional talk therapy!

Best of all... the EFT tapping technique is very easy to learn and fun to do. It's a self-help tool that can change your health and your life for the better in many, many ways!

Note: The great thing about EFT is that we can do it all by our self. However, to reach a goal faster or with more complex issues, working with a trained EFT professional is very helpful. To learn more about this, please click here: EFT Coaching.

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About the Author: Karen Nauman is an EFT Practitioner and Coach, Nlp Practitioner and a Board Certified Consulting Hypnotist. For many years, she's been an avid personal development, self help and natural health care enthusiast. Karen writes and speaks about alternative health and wellness topics and has a particular interest in weight loss and healthy diet. Karen spent several years specializing in hypnotherapy for weight management and stress reduction at a busy Hypnosis and NLP clinic.

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