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NOTE: This sample 'EFT Wisdom Tip' assumes that you know the basics of EFT -- If you do not, read this introduction first: NEW TO EFT

When EFT Does Not Work... Learn About a Missing Key!

ASK THE BUTTERFLY: Sample 'EFT Wisdom Tip' #40 - I thought this EFT Wisdom Tip was EFT Does Not Work a good one to share as a sample tip because it has some very helpful information for those who are thinking… “Maybe EFT does not work for me?”

If you are tapping on issues like; weight loss, anxiety, depression, illness, disease, chronic pain, abundance/money or anything else and you’re not getting the results you want… then, read on!

The tip begins with a parable about a butterfly’s struggle and is followed by my EFT Tapping Tip which has key information for frustrated tappers!

Enjoy! Karen

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One day a man found a butterfly cocoon. Soon, a small opening appeared at one end. For several hours, he sat and watched the butterfly as it struggled to force its body through the tiny hole.

Then it stopped making progress. To the man, it seemed like it had gotten as far as it could.

So he decided to help. He took a pair of small scissors and snipped off the remaining cocoon. Then the butterfly with its swollen body and small, shriveled wings was able to emerge quite easily.

The man continued to watch the butterfly and he expected that, at any moment, the wings would start to expand and the body would contract.

Neither happened! In fact, for the next few days the butterfly continued to crawl around with a swollen body and shriveled wings. It was not able to fly away and eventually, it died.

The man, in his kindness and haste, did not understand the natural process for the butterfly.

The struggle required to get through the tiny opening in the cocoon is nature's way of forcing the fluid from the body into the butterfly's wings. This is how it develops into a healthy adult that has the ability to fly once it becomes free from the cocoon.

~ Unknown Author


When using EFT with more complex issues like; anxiety, depression, on-going weight challenges, serious illness and disease, chronic pain, relationship difficulties, lack of financial abundance and other complicated problems, it can be very frustrating when change is slow, nothing happens at all or things even get worse!

In many of these cases, even tapping on the related aspects like; physical pain, stressful thoughts or emotions can be a challenge when they don't go down to '0' on the SUD's scale. Or, they get to '0' and return in a few days or even a couple of hours!

At this point, confusion and disappointment can set in when we've worked so hard with the tapping and we are not getting the results we want -- And, especially after reading or hearing about the amazing EFT 'one-minute-wonders' or instantaneous healing stories!

We might end up thinking that EFT does not work for us or that there's no hope of ever solving our problem. Unfortunately, this is when many EFT newcomers put the tapping techniques on the shelf or give up on it all together -- which is a shame!

The 'one-minute-wonder' stories are true, but they certainly do not happen all the time! Sometimes, and especially with more complex issues like the ones I mentioned above, applying EFT is a bit like the story of the butterfly.

Ask any seasoned EFT'er and they'll tell you that with some issues it's far better not to rush or force them. That, these conditions or imbalances need to evolve or shift in a more natural way. This process helps us develop our mental and emotional muscles and increases our energetic resiliency. Just like the butterfly benefited by exiting a little more slowly from its cocoon -- So much so, that it's life depended on it!

Is it possible that sometimes moving too fast and expecting immediate results, can actually delay our progress and even keep change from happening? In the case of the poor butterfly, rushing a natural process led to its death!

Could it be possible that sometimes getting the intensity of a negative emotion or limiting belief down from a 8 to a 5 is better than trying to push it down to '0'... all at once? That sometimes baby stepping our way towards our goal or desire is more optimal than being impatient, using force or will power?

It may be helpful to consider that our body-mind is highly intelligent and that it knows how to deal with the problem at hand... if we give it a chance! That our inner healer has a sense for the optimal path and best timing that can lead us towards the mental, emotional and physical well being that we desire.

That in certain situations, transformation can actually be faster and longer lasting when we rely more on our natural built-in guidance and intuition and less on our intellect -- because over thinking can foster unrealistic expectations, doubts, guilt, worries and fears!

So, maybe it's our mental chatter and the 'gerbil wheel' thoughts that halt our progress and keep us stuck? - Not our body, our situation or our problem.

Maybe we need to... think less, feel more and just tap? -- And maybe sometimes, slowing down a little *is* better? Just ask the butterfly!

Using EFT to work on complex issues is an important topic. I plan to produce more material on this subject in the near future. To find out when brand new EFT audios, articles and tapping scripts appear on this web site, you can subscribe to the 'Free Email Alerts' below.

To your tapping success! Karen

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